Good Practice

PTUK & PTI are committed to sustaining and advancing good practice. This guidance on the essential elements of good practice has been written to take into account the changing circumstances in which Play Therapy and Filial Play are now being delivered, in particular:

  • changes in the range of issues and levels of need presented by clients
  • the growth in levels of expertise available from practitioners with the expansion in
  • the availability of training and consultative support/supervision the accumulated experience of members of PTUK and PTI

The diversity of settings within which therapies for children and adolescents are delivered has also been carefully considered. These services may be provided by:

  • An independent practitioner working alone
  • One or more practitioners working to provide a service within an agency or organisation
  • Specialists working in multidisciplinary teams
  • Specialist teams of therapists

All practitioners encounter the challenge of responding to the diversity of their clients and finding ways of working effectively with them.

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16th-18th March 2018
  •    It appears that snow is forecast this weekend for some regions of the UK.

    If you find you are unable to attend the Introduction to Play Therapy course in Birmingham on Saturday 17th March, please email the APAC office on and we will transfer your application to the next available Introduction to Play Therapy course in your area.

    If you are attending a Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills or Diploma in Play Therapy course, please contact your Course Director directly.

    Please take no risks. Your personal safety is our principal concern.