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Play Therapy International South Africa in partnership with Play Therapy International have collaborated with an objective to develop Play Therapy in South Africa as a distinct profession, that promotes safe, ethical, effective practice of Play Therapy while maintaining its South African identity hence the theme: "Safe play, with a South African footprint"

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For more information on the course please click on the link here, or contact Nonhlanhla Biyase at BIOPT offices (011) 453 2553 (available Mondays and Fridays only from 9h00 to 15h00) or on mobile number 082 736 9911

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PTISA Presents the 2nd Internationally accredited Training in South Africa:

  • 16th-30th October 2017 (Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills including Conversion Course)
  • 11th-25th August 2017 (Masters Diploma in Play Therapy)
  • 28th August-3rd September 2017 (Supervision Course)

A second year of “safe play, with South African footprint” Venue Sunnyside Park Hotel (Johannesburg) Princess of Wales Terrace & Carse O’Gowrie Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 204

Play Therapy International - South Africa


Start a career in Play Therapy or upgrade your academic training in Play Therapy to become registered!

In the United Kingdom (UK) Play Therapy has in April 2013, become recognised as a distinct profession alongside Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Psychotherapists etc. This presents you with an opportunity to build upon your academic training in Play Therapy to enhance your career status and increase the effectiveness of your clinical work.

The Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists is managed by Play Therapy UK and is accredited by the UK Professional Standards Authority who oversee the regulation of the health and social care professions in the UK reporting directly to Parliament. The Register, the first one worldwide recognised at Government level for Play Therapy, has an International section that is open to South African professionals. This section is administered by Play Therapy International (PTI) who ensures that registrants meet the required standards. These are being used as de facto standards pending the direct regulation of the profession by the South African Government. APAC the course provider is the only organisation worldwide that trains to the standard required by the register.

Play Therapy International South Africa- PTISA is an affiliate organisation to PTI. PTISA has partnered with PTI, PTUK, BIOPT and APAC to bring this course to SA. This training meets the standards required for the Register, firstly as Certified Practitioners in Therapeutic Play Skills and then at a second stage as Certified Play Therapists.

NB: This is NOT a short course in Play Therapy; it is a master’s level qualification as accredited in the UK by Leeds Beckett University. Both academic and clinical requirements have to be met according to the PTI ( Play Therapy International) standards before one can qualify as a Play Therapist.

The conversion course (10 days): This course has been designed by the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) for South African professionals specifically for those who have completed an MA programme in Play Therapy at a South African university and now wish to further develop their practice skills and become certified play therapists. The conversion course will be offered as part of the Certificate course (see below) but will be offered at a rate of 10 days, in recognition of the prior learning. However it is compulsory for the students to attend all 15 days although they only pay for 10!

The post graduate certificate in therapeutic skills (15 days) will be for those wishing to start a career in Play therapy. The courses will build upon your theoretical knowledge through the use of experiential and practical exercises. Learn how to handle difficult behaviours in the play room, experience for yourself the children’s processes in therapy. Apply an ethical framework to your decisions. Learn how to adapt the Integrative Holistic model, which has been validated by clinical outcomes from over 10,000 cases, to the needs of South African children. APAC is the PTI accredited training provider.

Course Content

The course model is integrative and holistic. It has evolved since 1998 and is unique in integrating directive and non-directive play technique approaches working with both conscious and unconscious processes. It’s based on humanistic model of Carl Rogers and the work of Virginia Axline, Rachel Pinney and Violet Oaklander. Participants will experience non-directive play therapy for themselves and cover the main therapeutic media that we use: (art/ drawing, music, movement and therapeutic story writing, clay, puppets creative visualisation and sand). It also places importance on the spiritual aspect of human development. Opportunities for personal reflection will be part of the course.

We are aware of the needs of the professionals who have passion for play therapy and would like to be recognised as qualified play therapists. The certificate course including the 10 days conversion course has been designed by APAC. The 15 days course will include the following:

  • Neuroscience – as a basis for the Integrative Holistic model
  • Child development
  • Practice management skills including client assessment, parent interviews, management reporting, clinical governance and all the forms that you will need to administer an effective and ethically based practice
  • Music therapy skills
  • Movement observation skills
  • Art therapy skills
  • Sand tray therapy
  • Creative visualization
  • Clay therapy skills
  • Therapeutic story writing for individual children
  • Child protection in South Africa
  • Ethics
  • Research

In addition you are required to deliver the following:

  • Academics assignments which are due in 9 months of starting the course and includes a power point presentation and 4 written assignments of about 6000 words in total
  • 100 supervised practicum hours with children, a case study of 4000 words, a process diary and satisfactory reports from a PTI approved supervisor and the placement organisation. The clinical part is due within 20 months of starting the course

Supervisor’s course (6 Days)

Course content

A model for the supervision of play and creative arts therapies

  • Agreeing contracts
  • Using creative arts for supervision
  • Using the Play therapy dimensions model for supervision
  • Supervisees training requirements
  • Dealing with supervisees career development issues

All participants will be on the register from trainees to qualified play therapists and supervisors see

Admission requirements

Post graduate certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

  • BA in related fields e.g. psychology, education, children studies, nursing ,occupational therapy, social work
  • Two years working with children
  • Educational knowledge of basic psychological principles including child development and attachment would be an advantage

Conversion course

  • MA in play therapy in a South African university

Supervisors Course

The course is designed for those who have experience of working with children or adolescents as well as experienced accredited or qualified counsellors/psychotherapists.


  • Certificate of Attendance of Training by APAC at the end of 15 days training
  • Post graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills (by PTI and APAC) upon completing the academic and clinical course requirements as stipulated above
  • The completion of the Post Graduate certificate in therapeutic play skills entitles you to be admit - ted to a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy qualifying as a certified play therapist.
  • If the academic and clinical requirements are successfully met this leads to registration as a health professional through PTI/PTUK register, recognised at Government level for Play Therapy , which has an International section that is open to South African professionals

Other benefits

  • Bringing you up to date using the latest integrative holistic model. This is the only model the effectiveness of which has been shown through over 20 000 clinical outcome measures
  • You will be quality assured as a safe and effective practitioner of therapeutic play/play therapy, not only from a professional organisation but also from being on the International part of the PTI/PTUK register, recognised at Government level for Play Therapy , which has an International section that is open to South African professionals . This will insure that practitioners learn how to build a client base through private practice.

Course Fees

Course fees include:

  • Tuition and facilitated exercises by PTI accredited course directors using a wide range of equipment and materials
  • Coverage of a very comprehensive ‘Tool-Kit’ of methods
  • Hundreds of pages of training material including:
  • all the specialist forms required for practice
  • PowerPoint presentation material you need to set up a play therapy service or independent practice
  • Continuous assessment of all exercises
  • Review, feedback, appraisal and marking of all academic and clinical Assignments
  • Administration and submission of all participants’ documentation to the relevant professional organisation
  • Catered lunch and two refreshment breaks

All of the above for only:

Conversion Course (10 days)

  • Early bird rate: R30 000
  • Normal rate: R37 000

In recognition of prior learning a discount is offered to all students with an MA in play therapy from a South African University. The students will be paying for 10 days while attending the 15 days.

Certificate in Therapeutic Skills (15 days)

Early bird rate:

  • R35 000 Normal rates:
  • R42 000

* The early bird rate are valid until 1 May 2017
* Under special circumstances methods of payments can be discussed

Masters Diploma in Play Therapy (15 Days)

Early bird rate:

  • R35 000 Normal rates:
  • R42 000

*The early bird rate are valid until 1 May 2017
*Under special circumstances methods of payments can be discussed

Supervisors Course (6 days)

  • Normal rate: R10 000

To secure your place:

  • Upon indication of interest the application form and electronic brochure will be sent
  • Application form and deposit of 10% to be sent to
  • If accepted a pro forma invoice will be sent for the payment for the total of the fees including the deposit
  • Proof of payment together with other required documents as will be indicated in the acceptance letter, should be returned to
  • Full payments to have been made 4 weeks prior training. In exceptional circumstances a payment plan can be discussed
  • Payment methods: EFT and Bank Deposit only (please use your name and surname as a reference



Course Directors

Monika Jephcott

Establishing a Play Therapy Infrastructure - setting up the support structures, standards and training necessary for safe and effective practice of play therapy in Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Spain and New Zealand as well as the UK.

Play Therapy Training - currently responsible for the clinical and academic work of over 1200 students up to Mas - ter level worldwide. As such, is Europe’s most experienced play therapy trainer

Play Therapy Course Design - designing training programmes for specific cultures and needs using the Play Therapy Competency Framework Play Therapy Training Accreditation - obtaining accreditation of post graduate courses from universities and professional organisations (including) BACP, APT, NBCC) and accrediting other providers’ courses through Play Therapy International and Play Therapy UK.

Balanced Course Content - delivering a balance of experiential, practical and theoretical content Filial Play Coach - ing - developed and delivered a number of variant programmes including one for UNICEF to alleviate the prob - lems of African children with severe malnutrition

Clinical Supervision of Play and Creative Arts Therapies - 12 years experience including the development and delivery of a specialist training course, approved at Post Qualifying level by Canterbury Christ Church University Training Play Therapy Trainers - designed and implemented a training programme for Plat Therapy Course Direc - tors and Facilitators. This has resulted in a faculty of 14 that trains world wide

Delegate/Student Support - responding to individual participants needs that arise as a result of experiential exer - cises using counselling and psychotherapy experience . Service Delivery Models - advisor to public authorities on the delivery of emotional, behaviour and mental health support services


20 years experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist, gained with a wide variety of clients and presenting conditions. Specialist skills working with couples, families and children. Using and refining patient assessment techniques. Over 6000 hours direct counselling and play therapy experience with clients. Provided 2500+ hours clinical supervision.


Chief Executive and founder of APAC Ltd – 1998 . Chief Executive and Clinical Director Play Therapy UK (PTUK) ( Founding member ) Elected President of Play Therapy International (December 2002)


Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas

Jeff is the Registrar of Play Therapy UK and Director of Play Therapy International and APAC, responsible for research, systems, quality assurance, communications and education policies. Having commenced counselling practice and management in 1971 he has contributed to developing the professionalism of Play Therapy since 1999 .

He played a crucial role in obtaining the Professional Standards Authority accreditation of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists and consulting with the Authority upon their standards and processes. Award - ed a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for contributions to the children’s mental health field. Jeff’s current interests are the career development of PTUK and PTI’s registrants to enhance their standing, in - come and wealth creation possibilities.

At the same time raising the quality of Play Therapy practice to the level that children deserve and is at the forefront of all health and social care professions.

Emma Steadman

Emma SteadmanEmma Steadman is a Certified Play Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer for APAC.

She has worked with children and young people within CAMHS who have experienced abuse, including torture.

Emma has a keen interest in the link between the therapist’s self-care and the skills involved in creatively accompanying children and young people in recovering from abusive experiences. 

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