Working with Other Professional Bodies

PTI liases and works with other professional societies, associations and institutions whose members work with children. These divide into five groups:


1. Government departments: health, education, social services, community care.

PTI’s role is to encourage the use of play therapy and filial play and the commissioning of services in all countries. We consult with government agencies upon the contribution that play therapy can make to achieve government objectives related to children and families. We advise upon suitable standards and ethical frameworks for the regulation of the profession in individual countries and the competencies required for safe and effective practice.

2. Universities and other higher education bodies

PTI assists in the design, development, delivery and clinical management of post graduate and Masters levels play therapy training programmes.

3. Other mental health and psychology based professions

PTI liases with other professional organisations to encourage and assist their practitioners to incorporate therapeutic play skills in their interventions.

4. Children’s welfare organisations

PTI advises upon the integrated use of play therapy in services aimed at improving the welfare of children, the training and clinical governance required.

5. Other play therapy associations

PTI offers co-operation in all aspects of play therapy policy making to ensure that the children of the world have the best possible access to safe help with their emotional, behaviour and mental health problems.

16th-18th March 2018
  •    It appears that snow is forecast this weekend for some regions of the UK.

    If you find you are unable to attend the Introduction to Play Therapy course in Birmingham on Saturday 17th March, please email the APAC office on and we will transfer your application to the next available Introduction to Play Therapy course in your area.

    If you are attending a Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills or Diploma in Play Therapy course, please contact your Course Director directly.

    Please take no risks. Your personal safety is our principal concern.
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