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Our Objectives

To act as a professional organisation for anyone working therapeutically with children anywhere in the world.

To promote the benefits of therapeutic work with children.

To set standards, provide an ethical framework and provide guidance on how these might be adapted to meet individual countries’ needs.

To make training and other resources available for therapeutic work with children by working with training providers, disseminating information and accrediting appropriate courses in creative therapies. PTI forms links with universities, colleges and other specialised training providers which can offer a variety of Introductory, Certificate, Diploma, Masters, Supervisor and Trainer courses up to Doctorate level.

To promote and advance discussion, education and research in play therapy, creative arts therapies and child psychotherapy. To establish and develop Professional Standards for all those working therapeutically with children.

Our detailed objectives are set out formally in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

In addition to this web site PTI publishes its journal ‘Play for Life’, four times a year to communicate with all those interested in working therapeutically with children.