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Career Development Map Part 1

The first part of the PTI Career Development Map shows the prior learning, work experience required to undertake Certificate level training which lead to the title ‘Practitioner With Therapeutic Play Skills’. The training is at post graduate level and also requires 100 hours clinically supervised work with children.

Personal qualities

The Diploma in Practice based PlayTherapy course may then be taken. This also requires 100 hours clinically supervised work with children. Upon successful completion the title ‘Certified Play Therapist’ is awarded by Play Therapy International or by an affiliated organisation such as PTUK. The title Accredited Play Therapist is awarded upon completion of a further 250 hours of clinically supervised work. (Note – these are European and Rest of World standards. Different criteria apply to Canada and the United States.)

PTI Accredited Certificate and Diploma courses are run at present in:

Country Accredited Training Provider
Canada Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute (RMPTI)
France PTFr
Ireland PTirl
Malaysia PTmy
United Kingdom APAC

Courses are run in a collaborative partnership with Leeds Beckett University, England. Most venues have been validated by the University.

Warning Note: Currently only APAC and RMPTI are PTI accredited course providers. Other courses offered, that are not accredited, may not lead to certification by PTI. Do not risk a waste of your time or money. Always check with first.