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SEPACTO - System for Evaluating Play and Creative Arts Therapy Outcomes

The international database of play therapy practice based evidence using measured outcomes. This database was originally designed in 2002, then developed and managed by PTUK for PTUK members only. In 2004 it was adopted by PTI.

PTI Members are required to apply the principles of clinical governance (quality management) to their practice. This includes the use of quantifiable measures of changes in the client’s psychological and emotional state during a programme of play therapy sessions. This data is sent to PTI in an anonomised form for entry into the international database of outcomes – SEPACTO.

There is no charge to PTI Members for data entry nor for sets of comparative reports which will be produced as soon as the dataset reaches a sufficient number of records.

The main objectives of SEPACTO are to:

  1. Provide quantified measures of the effectiveness of play and creative arts therapies
  2. Show the impact of play therapy on particular conditions eg autism, attachment problems, behaviour, trauma etc
  3. Enable therapists to improve their practice by comparing their methods and results with others

SEPACTO has been fully operational since April 2003. Objectives 1 and 3 are being met. The database needs to grow further before with statistically reliable amounts of data for each condition, before valid conclusions may be drawn.

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