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PTI President Monika Jephcott Announces the Play Therapy Asia Conference

President of PTI Monika Jephcott announces Play Therapy Asia Conference starting 15th October - "Harnessing the Power of Metaphor in Therapy with Children" 

Play Therapy Indonesia Announces Course Dates For The Coming Year

Play Therapy Indonesia has announced courses for the coming year, as follows:

  • Filial Play start 14th & 18th March 2016, Jakarta
  • Filial Play Follow up Day, 20 March 2016, Jakarta
  • Supervision Follow Up Day ,20th March 2016, Jakarta
  • Certificate in Clinical Supervision start 5th Oct 2016, Jakarta 

See PT Indo Website

Unique Qualification at Course in Canada

It was announced by Monika Jephcott that the play therapy course starting at Adler College, Toronto, in April will be unique for Canada as the qualification will not only be as a play therapist but also as a Psychotherapist - Click Here For More Details

Adler Play Therapy Colloquium 2016, Canada

The keynote speech at Adler College in Toronto will be held by Monika Jephcott CEO of PTUK on 10th of April - Click Here For More Details

Summer School 2016 Announced - Open for Bookings

Monika Jephcott has announced that the Summer School 15 day intensive training in Post Graduate Certificate and Diploma courses which is held at the tranquil and beautiful La Mouline in France is now taking bookings for 2016. This year the dates are 23rd July to 6th August 2016. This idyllic location in the South of France makes for a perfect summer holiday destination so why not change your future at the same time!

PTUK Conference 2016 - Website Details and Booking Form Now Available!

PTUK CEO Monika Jephcott is pleased to announce that the PTUK Conference 2016 web page and booking form are now available - book now to ensure your place!

Click HERE For The PTUK Conference 2016 Web Details and Booking Form