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PTUK and PTI have been horrified by the recent events unfolding in Ukraine which are causing immense trauma to the people living there, in particular, children.

Chief Executive of PTI Poland Nina Ambroziak has been instrumental in organising frontline support for the children and families fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine into Poland; over the coming days we will be releasing more news about all the amazing work she is undertaking, including the formation of a new foundation specifically created in response to the ongoing crisis.

One of the biggest challenges that Nina is facing, is that due to the high levels of trauma these children have experienced, there are currently not enough fully qualified Play Therapists in Poland to provide therapeutic play on the scale required. To help mitigate this, PTI will be making a significant contribution towards Diploma in Play Therapy training for a cohort of 15 PTI Poland Certified Practitioners in order that they can gain the knowledge and skills needed to support as many of the affected children as possible.

In addition, PTUK, on behalf of PTI, are going to be offering the following support:

1. The Clinical Management Team will be delivering a new workshop, the proceeds of which will be used for the purchase of the Play Kits PTI Poland are organising to be given to refugee children

2.Free weekly supervision for Chief Executive of PTI Poland, to ensure her own wellbeing is maintain during this extremely demanding time

3.Creation of suitable, illustrated therapeutic stories translated into Ukrainian

Keep an eye on our websites and social media for more news on the support we will be providing…

If you are a Ukrainian, Polish or Russian speaker and would be willing to get involved with some of the above projects in support of PTI Poland then we’d love to hear from you – please contact our Clinical Team on

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